About Us


Achievement Addicts is a gaming site that is dedicated to Xbox and Steam games. Our primary focus is providing honest reviews for you to read or watch so you can make your own judgement about the game.

What’s with the name? 

Well, being avid fans of the in game achievements that you can earn in both Xbox and Steam games, we wanted to be able to pay homage to them by making them an exclusive topic when reviewing games. We like to talk about what kind of skill is involved, how long they take, if they are very time consuming, etc. Each review we do will have a section that talk specifics and will be titled “The Achievements”.

What makes your reviews so darn special?

Not much to put it bluntly. They are just honest and to the point. We breakdown our reviews with four key points. The Good, The Bad, The Achievements, and The Final Verdict. Each section details exactly what’s titled. We feel that if you have an interest in the game we are covering, you are going to form your own opinion regardless of any personal remarks we may make. We’d rather provide you with an honest summary of these key points so that it makes it easier for you to form that opinion.