Grim Legends 3: The Dark City

Step into the shoes of Sylvia in her quest to contain the Koshmaar, a terrible monster on the loose that can be contained through puzzle-solving related exploration.  With the help from Solomon, Sylvia’s mentor, you will take on the task of saving the city by recovering the Incarceri Stone and stopping the Koshmaar from complete destruction.




The Good

In a weird way, one of the best things about Grim Legends 3 is that it is not excessively long – rather, it feels like they hit just the right length for this game.  Lately, I’ve felt like a few of the puzzle/story games I’ve played have dragged on with a lot of back and forth between areas solely to make the game feel longer.  Grim Legends 3: The Dark City found a good balance of puzzles mixed in with story and didn’t have an excess of pointless backtracking.  The game had a comfortable flow that has been lacking in some Artifex Mundi games I’ve played recently, which is a nice feeling to return to.




The Bad

The plot feels like every other Grim Legends game (and every other Artifex Mundi game, for that matter).  Additionally, a lot of the hidden-object puzzles were not the type with a list, but instead were the type where you were given a pictures of similar items that you needed to find in a pile of junk.  While these are hidden-object puzzles, they feel a bit like lazy cop-outs where stuff is just jammed together to find, rather than a fun challenge searching for items in a scene.



The Achievements

A lot of the achievements in Grim Legends 3 are the same as we’ve seen in other Artifex Mundi games – a handful of story related achievements, completing the puzzles without any hints, and a few achievements for finding all the collectibles.  Other than that, The Dark City throws in a few achievements for completing specific puzzles in less than three minutes (the stain glass puzzles), and two achievements related to rune puzzles.  The achievements tied to the newer style puzzles are a nice addition to the standard list – this time around, the only achievement I wasn’t a huge fan of was for completing a hidden-object puzzle in twenty seconds or less (hint – pausing the game only slightly dims the screen but allows you to keep hunting the screen for whatever you need).




The Verdict

As far as Grim Legends 3: The Dark City, it fills most of what we have come to expect from Artifex Mundi.  Fun puzzles, a handful of hidden-object puzzles, and beautiful artistry – they have found their formula and they are sticking to it.  I really did enjoy Grim Legends 3, but I have reached a point where many of the Artifex Mundi games feel like the same plot in slightly different landscapes.  For me, Grim Legends 3 became play for the puzzles, not for the plot. You’ll get a fun afternoon of gaming in, but it will be exactly what you were expecting – nothing more, nothing less.


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