Step into the wings of Otus, a mute owl who – despite being able to fly – is not held in high regards in his hometown, Vellie.  With low expectations for what the outcome of his life will be, he is sent on patrol with his friend Geddy, a local defense engineer.  While on patrol, Otus and Geddy pursue a mysterious creature into a cave, only to discover the town is under attack by pirates when they emerge.  Of course, this is poor Otus’ fault, and his journey to save the world he knows from the pirates begins!



The Good

Owlboy is simply a very well-crafted game in almost every aspect.  While the graphics are simple, they are so well designed that their beauty is highlighted by their simplicity.  The story moves along very well, and the dialogue in Owlboy is very entertaining.  Combined with a unique and enjoyable story, it is hard to find something that was not a great success in this game.



The Bad

There really is not much negative to say about Owlboy.  The only real complaint I had was that during combat sequences that needed accuracy and speed, I found the controls to be clunky.  This led to a bit of frustration occasionally, but it really became a matter of learning what would be best versus certain sets of enemies or bosses.  I think the only reason this really stood out is because so much of the game is intuitive and flows almost seamlessly, that anything that held the game up really stuck out.



The Achievements

Owlboy has 24 achievements, of which two are currently reported as unobtainable.  Ten achievements are story related, and the rest are a variety of collectibles and completing specific tasks.  A few of these tasks are rather amusing (such as dropping Geddy into the clouds or hitting him 1000 times), and others are more puzzle related, like solving a drum puzzle.  Overall, it is a decent achievement list that encourages exploration beyond the main story.




The Verdict

Minus the rare frustrations experienced in some combat sequences, Owlboy is a near perfect game that truly stands out among an array of indie games hitting the market lately.  An endearing story, beautiful 2D graphics, and lovable characters has put Owlboy in a tier above its competition – pick it up, set aside some time to really sit down and play it, and get ready to experience what may be the best indie game of 2018 for Xbox.


Buy Owlboy on the Microsoft Store

Buy Owlboy on Steam

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