Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

In your latest pursuit of The Preacher, you find yourself stranded after a rocky flight that lands you in the snowy mountains.  You’ll erect and complete an evidence board during your latest tenure as detective, but will it be enough to stop The Preacher’s murderous reign once again?



The Good

The story in Enigmatis 3 is one of the better ones of the Artifex Mundi games, and as usual, the artwork of the game is wonderful.  Other than that, Enigmatis 3 has not really done anything to set itself apart.  There are a decent number of hidden-object puzzles (although, this feels like it was at the expense of other types of puzzles throughout the game).



The Bad

There seemed to be a lot less puzzles overall in this installment of the Enigmatis series.  There felt like a lot of back and forth, and a lot more of simply talking to people to progress the stories.  Additionally, this is the second Artifiex Mundi game I’ve played recently that appeared to really go overboard on the collectibles.  I love collectibles that add-on to a game and provide background to the story.  Collectibles for the sake of collectibles is silly.



The Achievements

Enigmatis 3 follows the same achievement list we expect from Artifex Mundi – story related achievements, collectible related achievements, and complete puzzles under certain parameters (for example, complete a hidden-object puzzle in under one minute).  I understand that due to the nature of the type of game, there is a relatively limited structure of achievements available, but they went really heavy on the collectible based achievements once again – 9/35 achievements are for finding some combination of the three different collectibles throughout the game.  In my playthrough (with no guide) I unlocked 32/35 achievements in about 3 hours of gameplay for 910 gamerscore.



The Verdict

Artifex Mundi has a formula that they have found success with, and they certainly stick to it.  Enigmatis 3 follows through on what we have come to expect from a puzzle-game out of the Artifex Mundi studio – great artwork, fun puzzles, collectibles, and an okay achievement list.  As usual, I enjoyed an afternoon working through a fun hidden-object puzzle game, but a few more puzzles and a few less collectibles would have gone a long way this time around.


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