The Station

Welcome to The Station, where you take on the role of a recon specialist sent out to find out what happened on-board a space station that was studying an alien life-form.  You’ll take on the task of exploring the various areas of the station and reliving some of what the three-person crew went through by reading their correspondents, as well as listening to many of their voice recordings.  Will you be able to save anyone on board, or is it too late for the crew of The Station?



The Good

In addition to beautiful graphics and an interesting area to explore, The Station has some of the best flow that I’ve experienced in a walking-sim in a long time.  Often times, I feel like the story doesn’t move well, or pieces of the plot are lost in trying to figure out where to go next.  The Station succeeded in leaving plenty of room for exploration while guiding the plot along gently enough without feeling forced.




The Bad

The Station is very short.  The story itself (which I played with no guide) took me about 30-45 minutes.  It felt like there were plenty of opportunities to expand on the story that were left unexplored.  I understand having some mystery to a story, but in a game this short, I feel like expanding into some more areas would have been wise.



The Achievements

Most of the achievements are either story-related or collectibles, with a few others for performing tasks like opening each of the crew’s lockers, and completing all puzzles.  Overall, it is a very short completion – I finished it in right around an hour, and that includes having to go back and clean up three achievements I missed on my initial story playthrough.  It is a very ordinary achievement list with nothing special that jumps out, but also provides a very easy completion.



The Verdict

If The Station wasn’t so short, my overall rating of it would be much higher.  While I love pieces of the story that was given to us, it left me wanting so many answers and feeling somewhat unfulfilled.  Otherwise, The Station provides an intriguing skeleton and a beautiful space-scape to explore for a little while.


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