2064: Read Only Memories

2064: Read Only Memories places you in the future Neo-San Francisco as a journalist.  One morning, an adorable robot named Turing appears in your apartment with the shocking news that your friend Hayden has been kidnapped.  Turing, a robot designed to be sapient and continually adapt to develop an independent personality, believes they are the reason Hayden has been kidnapped.  What follows next is an adventure for the both you and Turing to search for answers to a mystery that seems to go deeper each time you find an answer.



The Good

2064: Read Only Memories has a great plot and some of the best plot development that I’ve come across in a long time.  It also has a great cast of characters and dialogue to accompany the retro-style graphics.  There are very few games I have played recently where I became attached to any character, but Turing really drew me in and was incredibly endearing in their development throughout the game.  The story worked in enough twists that it kept me curious as to what would happen next, as well as was genuinely thought-provoking at some points as to how society would handle potential technological advances in the future.



The Bad

There was one major complaint I had with 2064, and that was how slowly the text moved.  I would have liked an option to move through the text more quickly, as there were some points that it really seemed to slow down the game.  There were a few sections that I had to replay due to dying, and waiting for the conversations to progress repeatedly started to make this feel very cumbersome.



The Achievements

The achievement list for 2064: Read Only Memories is a great mixture of story-related achievements, a variety of collectibles (in a non-traditional sense), and a ton of achievements for completing certain tasks throughout the game.  While this is one of the best achievement lists I have seen in a while, it will be very time consuming to complete.  There are four achievements for getting different endings – utilizing saves, I believe two can be earned in each playthrough.  One achievement has the potential to be the most aggravating – completing the game in one sitting without loading a save or using the option to continue.  There is one section near the end of the game where surviving is largely luck based, and dying in that section would nullify this achievement.



The Verdict

2064: Read Only Memories is one of the best indie games I have played in a while.  Utilizing a plot that genuinely drew me in with a combination of witty dialogue and endearing characters, 2064 hit a lot of the marks that I look for in a game.  I highly recommend playing through the first time without specifically hunting for achievements, and then going back to clean up in a future playthrough.  This is defintely a game I recommend getting and taking the time to play.


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