Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

You’re on a mission to rescue Robert – an underwater explorer AND your fiancee!  In Abyss: Wraiths of Eden, you go deep into the sea in hopes of rescuing Robert and solving a wild mystery along the way.  Through hidden-object puzzles and the mysteries of Eden, will you have what it takes to bring Robert back to dry land once again?



The Good

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden has a great variety of hidden-object puzzles and other puzzles throughout the game.  I felt like the balance of puzzles in this game was much better than some of the other recent games in this genre I have played.  Generally, each hidden-object puzzle location was played twice, which always leads to the fun of knowing you saw something earlier and just having to find it the second time around.


Besides the great puzzles throughout, Abyss also delivers on what I have come to expect from most Artifex Mundi games – high quality scenery that makes the game overall enjoyable to look at.  In these games, I always weigh that heavily because the scenery and the puzzles are really everything to the game, and without such beautiful art, there really wouldn’t be too much here.


The Bad

One feature I would love to see returned to a few of the latest Artifex Mundi games would be the ability to fast travel via the map.  There are points in Abyss where I felt like I was just moving back and forth between two or three locations pretty needlessly.  It almost seems like filler to the game as opposed to real substance at some points.  This game would have felt much better if either there was more to it, or there was not so much moving back and forth between two places.


The Achievements

As with most Artifex Mundi games in this vein, there is a pretty standard achievement list.  Achievements include things like various story progression points, completing the game on Expert, completing the bonus chapter, and completing the puzzles without using any hints.  Additionally, there are achievements for doing tasks within puzzles (like finding three items in three seconds).  While there are no collectibles in Abyss, the game does require two playthroughs – one doing hidden-object puzzles, and one doing domino puzzles.


I would like to comment on an apparent glitch I experienced – when doing my domino game playthrough, I played through the game two extra times in which the achievement for completing all domino puzzles did not pop.  It wasn’t until a day later (when I was in a different Xbox app) that the final achievement finally popped.  This does not appear to be a widespread problem, but I just wanted to let other gamers know in case they experienced this as well.

The Verdict

Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden provides exactly what we have come to expect from Artifex Mundi point-and-click games – an enjoyable plot, a good mix of puzzles, and beautiful scenes to carry you through the game.  Artifex Mundi has developed a formula for creating their style of game, and why stray from it when it works nearly every time?  Pick up Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden if you are looking for an enjoyable game for a day or two!


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