Danger Zone

Danger Zone takes the best mode of a classic game (Crash Mode in Burnout Revenge) and runs with it.  In Danger Zone, your goal is to create as much damage as possible with your car by driving into a variety of traffic scenarios.  Are the scenarios realistic? No! But why would you want them to be!?  By firing Smashbreakers (manual explosions earned through hitting a certain number of cars or through pickups) you can adjust the trajectory of your car, as well as increase the multiplier that earns you money.  How much damage can you earn?



The Good

Danger Zone, simply put, is good, clean, explosive fun.  Through a wide variety of levels (32 in total), you have the opportunity to blow up as many cars as you can while finding out how to earn the most money.  In each level, you have an opportunity to earn one of two medals – either the Grand Slam bonus (worth $5 million for picking up every cash bonus in order from lowest to highest) or the Smash and Grab bonus (worth $2.5 million for picking up every cash bonus in any order).  These pickups in each stage create an added level of strategy to a help you climb the leaderboards as quickly as possible.


The Bad

The only real thing that could have improved Danger Zone is something like an ability to choose from a variety of vehicles on each level.  That would add to the replay value of the game, which is the only the only thing I found Danger Zone to be lacking.


The Achievements

Danger Zone has 13 achievements, and took me somewhere between 12-15 hours to complete.  The list is pretty basic, largely made up of achievements for completing tiers of levels, earning each bonus for the first time, and performing tasks that you will likely earn through regular gameplay and progression.  The one outlying achievement is for earning 10 platinum medals.  This was the most time consuming, and most fun, achievement in the entire list, as it took real strategy and careful planning on some levels.


The Verdict

Danger Zone is a great game that has little room for improvement.  The space that could be improved would be through adding some form of replayability, either through an improved achievement list or through adding elements to the game such as car selection.  Other than that, Danger Zone is near perfect and is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a long time!


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