SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell

Welcome to Hell, and good luck getting out!  SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell is a first-person speedrunning game where you run your way through Hell after a demon breaks into your apartment and steals the last of your brewskies!  In addition to the standard sprinting through levels, you’ll use super powers like the ability to shoot fireballs and reverse gravity to battle your way through a variety of obstacles.  Search for hidden beers on each level if you want to unlock all the levels and stick it to the demon!


The Good

For what could have been a very ordinary game, SEUM hits a lot of points that make it a fun, addictive game.  In addition to its standard story mode, it also has an endless mode, and a speedrun mode (which consists of speedrunning through a series of eleven stages in one shot).  I have been a particularly big fan of the endless mode because each time you restart endless mode, it is randomized.  This I felt like this forced me to get better at the game in general because it forced me to be adaptable to different levels.


While I spent a lot of time dying or failing levels in SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell, it didn’t get aggravating in the way that so many games can.  SEUM has a quality that makes you want to continue attempting levels, learn from your mistakes, and force your way through.  SEUM was tough, but in a challenging, fun way that many games like this miss out on.


The Bad

There were only two issues I really had with SEUM.  First, I struggled with motion sickness the first time I played this game, so if you are sensitive to motion sickness or dizziness in video games, I would avoid this.  There are many settings to help combat this, and I only experienced it the first time I played, but I know that for some people, this can make a game unplayable.  The only other real issue I had was that I experienced a lot of times where the game would get hung up on loading screens.  While this didn’t happen excessively, it was noticeable and became a distraction a few times.


The Achievements

SEUM has a great achievement list for how straightforward of a game it is.  Comprised of 27 achievements, they range from the standard “complete the game style” to a wide variety of achievements focused around the number 666 in one way or another (including, but not limited to, finishing a level in exactly 6.66 seconds, shoot a fireball 666 times, and jump 666 times).  There are also achievements for performing certain actions, like finding a skeleton surrounded by Pokeballs (although I won’t tell you where this is)!  Overall, one of SEUM’s strongest points is in its achievement list, improving the replayability vastly.


The Verdict

I think what I found to be really appealing about SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell is the ability to just pick it up and play for a little while at a time.  It is enjoyable, has a variety of game modes to keep things interesting, and a nice achievement list to keep you coming back for more.


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