BLEED is a shoot-em-up platformer where you play as Wryn, a girl out to battle has-been heroes that are no longer heroes but are now – shockingly! – bad guys.  In a recently crowded gaming field, BLEED sets itself apart from the pack with small tweaks that go a long way.



The Good

BLEED does what it can to set itself apart from a very crowded field of indie platformers.  There are a few small but important game-dynamics added that make a huge difference.  I really enjoyed the ability to slow time to dodge enemies, their weapons, and environmental hazards.  This added an entirely new level of strategy to the game that otherwise would feel pretty typical.


Another fun part of BLEED is the ability to mix and match six different weapons.  You start with two weapons (the rocket launcher and dual pistols), but you can purchase the other four with credits you earn throughout the levels.  You can only carry two weapons at a time, but throughout the game you will learn which work best for you.  Don’t worry – unlimited ammo means you get to play around with each weapon as much as you’d like.


The Bad

My biggest frustration with BLEED was that some of the controls were a bit cumbersome to learn – particularly aiming the double/triple jump feature, which was a pretty big aspect of the game.  While the game is intended to be a fast-paced challenge, I would feel an incredible level of frustration when I intended to jump one way and ended up jumping the complete opposite direction.  I love a good challenge, but I struggle to find enjoyment in a feature that (at least to me) feels counter-intuitive.


The Achievements

BLEED has a great variety of achievements you can earn across multiple game modes.  There are achievements for completing story mode and arcade mode across the four difficulty levels, as well as challenge mode (where you can battle a mixture of bosses at one time).  The rest of the achievements help add to the replayability of the game – particularly getting an S-rank after each boss fight.  If you want to complete all the achievements in the game, you’re going to dedicate a lot of time to perfecting the stages of BLEED!


The Verdict

While it could have easily blended in with the masses of platformers coming out these days, BLEED sets itself apart as a game that is thoroughly challenging while still remaining fun.  Well-applied, creative dynamics give BLEED a dimension many indie games lack and the achievements provide added replay-value to a game that could already stand on its own!


A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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