Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure

In Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure, you play as the stunningly average antique shop owner, Bjorn.  After a weird call in the middle of the night, a burglar breaks in and steals one seemingly random item that sets off the adventure of a lifetime for Bjorn!  Demetrios will take you on a point-and-click adventure as you work to solve the mystery of Bjorn’s stolen tablet.



The Good

Demetrios has an entertaining story that is greatly supported by the humor injected into the game.  The humor doesn’t go too far overboard, but it can get a bit racy (so I don’t recommend playing this with kids).  Bjorn provides an entertaining protagonist, and the dialogue throughout the game is really entertaining.  It is worth inspecting many items twice, as often times, each inspection results in something rather entertaining.


Overall, the level of difficulty in working through Demetrios is the perfect challenge.  While I had to go back and forth sometimes to figure something out, it was enjoyable to have to run with the hints given through dialogues to figure out where to go next.  In many point-and-click games, I feel like some developers either go way too easy, or way too hard, but Demetrios found the sweet spot in the middle.


The Bad

My only real issue with Demetrios was the hint system (which I generally avoid using, but there is one achievement tied to using 10 hint cookies).  You can use multiple hints back to back, as long as you have the cookies to do so.  When I used it, I had to use four or five hints before I actually got something useful to use.  The first several hints did not actually provide additional information to what I already knew through gameplay.


The Achievements

While some of the 36 achievements in Demetrios are story related, some of them involve various forms of collectibles throughout the game.  While some of them are tedious (such as having to find three cookies on each screen of the game), the other primary form of collectibles is dying in each possible way through the game, which I find pretty fun.  Other achievements include completing various tasks in the game, such as eating rotten food off the ground, or doing something dirty at the police station.  All in all, Demetrios has an excellent achievement list.


The Verdict

Demetrios is one of the best of the recent onslaught of point-and-click adventures.  It pairs dirty humor (without being too dirty) with a good challenge.  Combined with an achievement list that drives thorough playthrough, you get a game that leads to hours of mystery-solving fun.


$4.99 US – Buy On The Xbox Store!

A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review


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