Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan

In this latest installment brought to Xbox One by Artifex Mundi, you play a healer brought to the Kingdom of Eagles.  Upon your arrival, chaos ensues as the infant prince is kidnapped.  Your journey will lead you through many twists as you try to heal the kingdom from the evil invading it.



The Good

As with many Artifex Mundi games, Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan provides a wide array of fun, challenging puzzles.  In this installment, there seemed to be less of a focus on hidden object puzzles and more on a variety of puzzles over all.  This made the game feel like it had a nice flow to it and kept it interesting all the way through.


As always, Artifex Mundi delivers a beautiful game through and through.  The landscapes and cutscenes in Grim Legends 2 are wonderfully designed and enjoyable to watch.  One thing I really enjoyed in Grim Legends 2 was the use of bright colors versus many other Artifex Mundi games.  I felt like between the design and the variety in puzzles, this game stepped out of the standard formula for many Artifex Mundi games.


The Bad

The hidden-object puzzles are the biggest flaw in this game.  There are very few of the actual hidden-object searches (such as the one displayed directly below), and instead, there are many of the “Find X of such item”.  When playing this style of game, I weigh the hidden-object puzzles very heavily, and I feel that they really let go of the focus in this title.  Additionally, while I loved the variety of other puzzles in the game, they removed the “Reset” button from many (if not all) puzzles, which became very aggravating at some points.


The Achievements

Grim Legends 2 offers 1000GS over a total of 26 achievements.  If you play on Expert, it only requires one playthrough of the game (plus its bonus chapter).  As with many other Artifex Mundi titles, there is a relatively standard list of achievements, such as completing all hidden-object puzzles without using any hints and finding three objects in a puzzle within 3-seconds of one another.  Beyond these, there is a set of collectibles that account for three achievements, and there are also achievements for using each “helper”, story related companions that are introduced throughout the game.


The Verdict

While Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark Swan is generally fun, I feel like focusing a bit more on the hidden-object puzzles could have really boosted this title up.  While the overall variety of puzzles was wonderful and engaging, there were other parts that seemed lazily slapped together.  I do still recommend this title, especially if you are looking for an overall fun game to work through in an afternoon.


A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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