The Surge

In a world withering away due to to climate change, The Surge puts you in the shoes of Warren.  Through employment for CREO, an enterprise trying to save the world,  Warren gets trapped in a war against the machines that were created to fix the planet.  Working through The Surge will take dedication and patience, but the world may depend on it!


The Good

While it is difficult, The Surge does not lose out on being an enjoyable challenge.  It takes on the role it gave itself as Dark Souls in a futuristic, sci-fi world and runs with it successfully.  One of the aspects of this that I enjoyed the most was that you cannot simply memorize enemy placement and their movements.  The enemies appear to move around more fluidly, making it a more engaging challenge to get through some areas.


I also found the upgrade and crafting system to be intuitive.  You collect scrap and parts through defeating your enemies,  and can use these at various crafting stations scattered throughout the world.  The drop-rates for the specialized pieces of scrap seem to be just right (especially considering you can easily get enemies in certain areas to respawn quickly).


The Bad

The one place that I feel like The Surge really missed the mark was in their combat system.  While the fighting in the game handles pretty well, performing finishing moves increases the odds of your enemy dropping a valuable pick-up.  The problem is, every time you perform one of the finishing moves, the game slows down into a short cinematic-style shot.  In addition to becoming increasingly annoying, these are somewhat disorienting.  In a game that is so reliant on speed and awareness, this can quickly increase aggravation.


The Achievements

The Surge contains 47 achievements for a total of 1000 gamerscore.  While a handful of the achievements are main storyline achievements, the remaining are a mixture of collectibles and to making certain decisions during the story.  Some of the collectibles include completing the construction of certain sets of armor.  Overall, there is a wide variety of achievements that will have you working through The Surge multiple times to complete them all.


The Verdict

The Surge delivers on the challenge it set itself up for – a challenging sci-fi world that will drive gamers insane and drive them to work through those tough parts at the same time.  If they had really run with a great plot and smoothed out the combat a bit more, The Surge would be one of the best games of the year.  All that being said, it still is a great game worth the pickup if you’re looking for a challenge.


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