Seasons After Fall

In Seasons After Fall, you take over an adorable fox for your mission to rescue the spirits of the seasons.  In this puzzle-platformer, you will adventure through the woods solving a variety of puzzles and searching out the Guardians who will guide you along the way (although they don’t always seem so willing!).


As you progress through Seasons After Fall, you gain the ability to control what season it is, with each season affecting your surroundings differently.  For instance, changing it to winter will cause small geysers in the ground to freeze, giving you the chance to use them as steps to a higher space.  On the other hand, you may come across an area filled with frozen steps that you need to change the season to a warmer climate so these steps can be lowered and refrozen.  Some areas will have many more steps than others to work through, but I found each area to require thought and were fun to work through.


The Good

First, the story of Seasons After Fall is engaging and ties in well with the gameplay and puzzles.  Additionally, the game is easy enough to follow without needing a hint system, but challenging enough where some of the puzzles take some real time and effort to solve.  It was enjoyable to look at an environment and calculate what would need to be done to make progress.


In addition to enjoyable gameplay, I found Seasons After Fall to be beautiful both visually and musically.  The music accompanying the game is performed entirely by a string quartet, and I feel that it improves the game and its environment even further.  The art borders between a water-color and hand-drawn style, and for this type of game, it created the perfect environment.


The Bad

Some of Seasons After Fall can feel a bit repetitive.  This happened largely when travelling between different regions of the forest.  There’s not much that can be done about this, but there were points that I became annoyed because I had traveled to the wrong area, and it was always the opposite direction I needed to go.



The Achievements

Seasons After Fall has 21 achievements, most of which are story-related.  Outside of this, there are just a handful that are collectible or special-task related (such as making all the flowers bloom throughout the forest).  That being said, after a certain point in the game, many of the achievements are not necessarily linear, although you will likely work through most of them eventually.


The Verdict

Seasons After Fall is an excellent, challenging game with a great story, soundtrack and graphics.  Beyond being an enjoyable game, it is a work of art that I really appreciated by the time I was done with it.  I found the story compelling, touching, and unique, and genuinely wanted to keep going back to it.


A copy of of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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