The Inner World

In The Inner World, you primarily play as Robert, a citizen of Asposia and assistant to its ruler, Conroy.  Your journey begins simply and as you would expect it: falling down a trash chute and going after a pigeon that has stolen something of Conroy’s.  What begins as a simple enough task leads into a wonderfully put together adventure-style game filled with inventory puzzles and plenty to point-and-click.



The Good

The Inner World revisits the style of inventory-based puzzle games that are rarely seen these days, especially ones that are done well.  As you progress through the game, you must figure out which items in the landscape or your inventory go together to solve environmental puzzles and progress throughout the game.  These puzzles can be quite challenging, but thoroughly fun and satisfactory when solved.
Additionally, the characters, dialogue and art-style of The Inner World are all stellar.  Robert alone is one of the best main characters I’ve played in a game lately.  His personality is charming in its naivety and innocence.  His interactions with other characters are nothing short of adorable.  The art in both the gameplay and cinematics is simple but perfect to the style of the game.  Finally, the dialogue is humorous without feeling like it is trying to be hilarious and offers a nice balance throughout the story.

The Bad

My only real complaint is that there seem to be some goofy translations.  Until I realized the game was originally developed in German, I thought I wasn’t getting some jokes.  Generally the translations were done well and there are only a few moments marred by funky linguistics.

The Achievements

There is a wide variety of achievements, including several story based (which will net you half of the available gamerscore but still leave 18 additional achievements to earn).  Many of the the achievements are gained by completing some puzzles in particular ways, while some are for completing tasks such as talking to every possible character throughout the game.  The Inner World theoretically may be completed in one playthrough (plus restarting to get an achievement for using 10 hints), but this would likely take a lot of fun out of the game as you would probably need a guide for the specific puzzle achievements.

The Verdict

The Inner World provides a revival of an enjoyable inventory-puzzle game that many developers have moved away from or have been unsuccessful in creating.  Through a lovable, endearing main character, engaging dialogue and unique animation, The Inner World provides an engaging adventure game.  This is one that I highly recommend, and even if you are going for all the achievements eventually, I hope you try the game on its own for the challenge before using a guide.
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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