Typoman:Revised Review

Typoman:Revised is a puzzle-platformer set in a world where words come to life. You play the game as the hero (Your character is actually the letters H-E-R-O). Along your journey you will come across various words to interact with, as well as enemies based on bad words. These aren’t the 4 letter words your mother told you not to use, but words with bad connotations.

The Good

Typoman is a great game , let’s state that up front. You begin your journey as a lonely ‘o’, and slowly transform to the one armed “H-E-R-O” throughout the prologue. Typoman has is a great platformer, with hidden quotes, which are the collectibles, spread throughout the levels. You will need to spend time exploring around each level to find all of these quotes, and most likely will miss one or two, but they are easy to go back and find thanks to a level select option.


One of my favorite parts in the game is the personification of the words. If you create a word, the world reacts to that word. There are also close to 200 words, which I would call ‘Easter Egg’ words, that actually change the world other than just solving puzzles. Spell ‘hat’, and your character gets a hat, spell ‘old’, and the game turns on a filter which makes the game look like an old movie. There are too many of these fun words to list them all here, but try spelling as many words as you can, for sometimes hilarious results.


The main point of spelling words is to solve the puzzles, which you will need to solve to continue on in the level. This ranges from spelling a word that raises a platform, to stopping something from crushing you. Don’t think that there is only one way to solve the puzzle either. There are multiple words you can use most of the time to achieve the same results. This allows each player to set their own path, and to build their own story while playing the game. There is even a character that will consume the word you created, and spit out the opposite of that word, and this has some interesting results.


The graphics in the game are simple, but top notch. It is a 2-D platformer, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have great art. I was constantly surprised at how the developers used words to convey actions, emotions, and tell the story.


And the story, with no vocals, and only letters to tell the tale, was actually quite engaging. It made me feel the feels in the end, which doesn’t happen often in a game. You meet other characters along the way which can either help or hinder your path, and while not that diverse, I didn’t feel anything was overused.

The Bad

No game is perfect, but this game doesn’t have many flaws. My main complaint is the way the word scrambler was used, and the controls while using it. Luckily there is usually not a rush to spell a word, so going slower helps in this respect.


The game is also on the short side, and will only take you a few short hours to complete the first time, but I thought it was still the right length (I mainly mention it because some people only like longer games). Luckily the game does include side games which extend the value of the game.

The Achievements

The achievements in Typoman contain a variety of flavors, and are mostly easy. You will get roughly half of the achievements just from playing through the game to the end, and if you go back to collect all of the quotes and do the other easy cleanup achievements, you will have all but 3 or 4 left. There are a couple of achievements that are time consuming, or will require skill. One is for making 300 words, which can be done over time, one for completing the game without using the word scrambler, and there is another for completing the game with 5 or fewer deaths. After one time through the game, this shouldn’t be too bad, but may take some time to master. A final achievement, not related to the main game, is for beating the Antonymizer minigame, which will take some time and skill.

Final Verdict

This game is one of my favorite releases so far this year. And although it is early, I think it will still be in on my short list for indie game of the year. The gameplay is smooth and fresh, the art is fantastic, and the story is engaging throughout. The achievements are mainly straight-forward, and will likely require more than one playthrough to complete. I recommend adding this game to your collection. Word.


$12.99 US

Buy this game on the Xbox Marketplace

A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review

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