Kill The Bad Guy

Welcome to Kill The Bad Guy, where you take an almost pure white landscape and paint it red.  In this puzzle-based assassination game, you step into the shoes of a hitman receiving plenty of assignments. In a nice twist, every assassination must look like an accident, and you’ll have plenty of creative opportunities to complete your jobs.
The element of surprise is critical, and if your target sees traps being set or a piece of the environment being altered, they will start to runaway and you will have to wait until the next day to try to kill them again (or, if you’re like me, you can just restart the level).  From ramming someone with a car to catapulting dead animals at them, hopefully each of your levels will end in a glorious splatter of blood.

The Good

For me, a crucial element to any type of game that falls into the “assassin” category is diversity.  Every level should have multiple solutions, and the number of ways in which you can complete your assignments in Kill The Bad Guy fits the bill.  Early on, I spent a decent amount of time just fooling around with the timing and physics of the environment, and from there I started to get creative in how I would kill my victims. There’s generally a pretty obvious way to kill your victim, but if you always go this route, I feel like you are not taking full advantage of Kill The Bad Guy.  At the beginning of each level, you are given a secondary objective, which is a hint at an alternative way to kill your mark, and I really enjoyed figuring some of these out.
There are tons of smaller details in Kill The Bad Guy that make this game what it is.  First, before each level, you receive a briefing which includes the background of your mark, the aforementioned secondary objective, and a standard list of objectives for the level.  I highly recommend reading these backgrounds, as I found them thoroughly enjoyable and felt they added a story element that is generally absent from puzzle games.  Another nice touch to Kill The Bad Guy is the atmosphere in the levels.  While the levels start of largely plain white, the props throughout the levels and ultimately the deaths add vivid pops of color that make the game a work of art.

The Bad

My main complaint affects very few levels in the game, but in levels where there are non-mark NPCs, these characters do not seem to consistently move in a predictable or preset path.  In a puzzle game, I feel that at least the initial path characters move along, until interrupted by the person playing the game, should be identical, otherwise there is a random element that does not belong in a puzzle.  Some levels I ended up passing by luck, not by strategy, because of this.

The Achievements

There’s a decent mixture of achievements in Kill The Bad Guy that encourage thorough playthrough of the game.  The achievement list is comprised of only 12 achievements, and three of these achievements are for completing bonus levels. To unlock these levels, you need to collect a certain amount of stars throughout the game, which are earned through completing objectives on each level.  These objectives include tasks like picking up certain collectibles, killing marks in a certain way, and completing your assassination on the first day.  Other achievements that add a nice variety include spilling plenty of blood and getting your marks to run 5000 meters over time.

The Verdict

All around, Kill The Bad Guy is a enjoyable, creative game that should provide most people with an enjoyable challenge.  Providing a straight-forward, yet enjoyable achievement list has given Kill The Bad Guy a well-rounded feel with plenty of replay value.  I highly recommend spending an evening painting the town red with the blood of your marks!
A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review
Price: $6.99 US

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