Death God University Review

Welcome to Death God University, a lively educational establishment training its students to become Death God assistants.  Over several levels, you will be assigned targets you need to eliminate with as much discretion as possible.  As this is a school, each level will be graded based on how many people witness parts of your devious acts, such as picking up an item or tampering with something.


Your targets are based on celebrities or fictional characters, such as Miley Cyrus and The Flash (The Flasher).  Each assignment opens up with a short video of your target and what they have done to earn their way onto your hitlist.  After that, you’re off onto your adventure to kill them in generally creative and discrete fashion.


The Good

Death God University is pretty amusing in its choice of victims, their crimes and how you can kill them (although from what I can tell, there is only one way to ultimately kill each victim).  Beyond it’s limited comedic value, there is not much to look forward to in this game.


The Bad

Oh boy, if you like loading screens, there is almost nothing wrong with this game.  In Death God Loadaversity, you frequently need to switch between different locations, and the loading screens between each location are absolutely ridiculous.  There were several instances where I wasn’t sure if the game was still loading or if my Xbox One had frozen because it was taking so long to load.  God forbid you accidentally choose the wrong location to travel to or are only in one area for a short time, the loading screens really begin to pile up.


In addition to the loading screens, there is just not a huge difference between each level.  Generally, you go to a few places, pick up a few items or do a minigame, and then combine and place them somewhere to kill your victim.  It becomes very repetitive, very quickly.


The Achievements

Death God University contains 13 achievements that are all story related for killing your various targets.  I have had no issue with glitchy achievements or anything like that, but the straightforward story related achievements add no replay value to this game.


The Verdict

It is particularly disappointing when you look at a game and think that it has a great concept, sounds creative and is going to put a spin on a style of game you already love.  It is even more disappointing when you are still looking at a loading screen wondering if your Xbox is broken or trying to figure out what you did to deserve this punishment.  It is most disappointing when the load screens and repetitive gameplay make you wonder if maybe you are the next victim for one of the students at Death God University.


Developed by: DSK Green Ice Games
Published by: DSK Green Ice Games
Xbox Marketplace:
Steam Store


A copy of this game was provided by the developer for the purpose of review

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