Saturday Morning RPG Review

Saturday Morning RPG takes you on an adventure as Marty, a high school boy who, like most high school boys, gets a magic notebook from “The Wizard” that grants him magic powers to take on both bullies and robots alike.  Through the use of retro graphics and humorous dialog, Saturday Morning RPG delivers a fresh take on an classic genre.



The Good

The dialog in Saturday Morning RPG is absolutely wonderful.  They play on the names of various celebrities and draw on lines from classic movies to add even more humor to the game.  Combined with the retro-style graphics, the game looks and flows together really well.  Sometimes in games, I find myself skipping over dialog when I get tired of it, but in Saturday Morning RPG, I genuinely enjoyed it and looked forward to talking to any characters I had the chance to.


There are a ton of side-quests that can be accessed just by talking to various NPCs.  These are relatively generic quests, but many of them half alternate humorous endings.  This helps add to the replayability of the game.


The Bad

In general, there isn’t too much wrong with Saturday Morning RPG.  The only real complaint I had is that there isn’t enough variety in the battle system.  In the game, you can pick up various items that you can then use during battles, but often times, these didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the actual fight.  Generally, I ended up just using the basic punch attack against most enemies, including many of the bosses.


The Achievements

First, let me begin by saying that at the time of this review being written, there appears to be one glitched achievement that is currently unobtainable.


Saturday Morning RPG has a great, albeit lengthy, achievement list.  Containing a whopping 85 achievements, they vary from completing chapters of the game to getting the various endings in many of the side-quests.  There are also a decent amount of battle related achievements, such as defeating a certain number of one type of enemy or “burning” enemies so many times in a single battle.  The grindiest achievement appears to be reaching level 50 – even at early levels, it takes a decent amount of time to level-up.  Overall, I think this is a nice achievement that encourages replaying the game without entirely shoving it down your throat.



The Verdict

I really have been enjoying Saturday Morning RPG and have found myself looking for extra free time to boot it up when I can.  It’s an enjoyable combination of humor, fighting and exploration that provides for an easy-paced RPG good for any morning, not just Saturdays.


Developed by: Mighty Rabbit Studios
Published by: Mighty Rabbit Studios
Xbox Marketplace:
Steam Store

A copy of this game was provided by the developer for the purpose of review

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