Bridge Constructor Review

Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game in which you are given the simple task of building a bridge to allow cars, trucks and tank trucks to drive across.  On each level, you are provided with a selection of materials (wood, steel, concrete footers and metal cord) to build your bridge from.


The Good

Overall, Bridge Constructor provides a wide assortment of levels for you to test out your bridge building skills on.  After completing the levels once (by getting trucks and cars across each level), you can replay the levels again, but this time you have to get “tank trucks” across.  The tank truck levels generally provide you with more money to help deal with the added challenge of more weight and sensitivity in the tank trucks.


I found that most levels required a certain level of creativity in the construction of the bridges more than a knowledge of architecture.  It was fun to have to test out different ways to design bridges to find out what would work, and what wouldn’t.  I also thought the budget they set for each level was generally reasonable to be able to find a solution while still having a challenge.


The Bad

There is no way to dance around the fact that Bridge Constructor is fairly repetitive.  The SlopeMania levels help for this, but I feel like the game would have benefited from having these levels mixed in with the rest of the levels instead of being completely separate.  I think that would have helped immensely with the monotony of the game.  The other main issue I had with the game was that I continually had issues with my save files disappearing at random and would have to replay entire islands.


The Achievements

The achievement list of Bridge Constructor is a nice mixture of level based achievements and other challenges.  Many of the achievements are based around being able to get cars, trucks and tank trucks across all the roads on each island.  The rest of the achievements include things like completing levels under the budget by various amounts, and failing the same level 25 times in a row.


As a heads up, I have experienced multiple buggy achievements in Bridge Constructor on the Xbox One.  One of them was unlocked by exiting out of the game and completing the parameters of the achievement again, but I still have two achievements that are listed as 100% unlocked but have not unlocked.


The Final Verdict

Bridge Constructor offers some puzzle fun, but it’s repetitiveness outweighs that enjoyment pretty quickly.  Combined with the achievement and saving issues, the fun provided by Bridge Constructor can turn into frustration very quickly.


Developed by: ClockStone
Published by: Headup Games
Xbox Marketplace:
Steam Store

A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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