Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found Review

You are Brand an action figure come to life. You are in a battle to save your owner, Felix,  from the darkness. Every night the house layout changes if you die in battle. The map layout, enemies, and objectives all change. The only way you can keep the map from changing is if you return to the base without dying. To save Felix, you must destroy all of the bosses that are in each room of the house.

The Good

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found gets you into the action pretty quickly. You are briefed on the backstory a bit, then you are guided through a quick tutorial on how the basics of the game works. Once you start to get into the story and missions a bit, you will be able to to upgrade your abilities which is something you’re going to want to do as soon as you have enough money (nuts) to do so. I loved seeing the all of the different combinations of outfits that unlocked as you upgraded each ability.


There is a huge amount of different materials that you collect along the way, these are used for crafting weapons, armor, base defenses and many other things. If you get in a bind, you can transmute the materials into nuts for various different uses. Along with the materials that you collect, there is also blueprints that are used for crafting weapons, offhand weapons (throw-able weapons and spells), and gadgets.

There is a interesting base defense system that takes a bit of getting used to because there really isn’t much guidance given to you as to how it all works. There are different things that you can build that will beef up the overall defense of the bedroom to prevent Lost Ones from raiding your precious materials and toys. As you journey through the house, you will occasionally run into Prisoners, which are actually Pawns (toys) that will both defend your base as well as serve as builders for the workshop and protectors for the materials that you have obtained. It’s a good idea to try and build up the base defenses as much and as quickly as you can, it will pay off in the long run.


I really enjoyed the various different enemies that I encountered throughout the house. They range anywhere from really simple and easy to take down, to the more complex and annoyingly cunning. For the most part though, it didn’t take all that long to find all of the different enemy types.


The Bad

I ran into a frequent lag when the back ground music queues. On many occasions it would cause me damage, a missed jump, or caused a fall that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Occasionally I entered a new room and would fall through the map endlessly. Had to quit and reload the save.

When I initially started off, I felt a bit lost with the crafting and base defenses. The extremely brief tutorial bits about them didn’t really give you a good feel for how the systems worked, but they really aren’t overly complicated – a bit more guidance would have help relieve some of uncertainty.

The Achievements

The achievements are very nicely balanced,  comprising of many that will come naturally from just playing through the game such as ones like “Boom shakalakalaka” which is for “Break 300 Breakables. On the other hand, there are a couple collectible related one like “Stay awhile and listen!” for getting all of the diary pages that are going to take a bit of time.

The hardest in the bunch are going to be “Mission improbable” and “The Artisan”. “Mission improbable” requires you to complete the game in 49 nights and “The Artisan” is for crafting 1,000 items, which isn’t exactly hard, but will take you a ton of time to do.

Overall, a full completion of the achievements is going to take quite a while and a bit of dedication, but is very doable if you want to spend the time.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-10-04 19-49-20.jpg

The Final Verdict

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found grabbed my attention right away. It takes a story line similar to Toy Story and fuses it with gameplay like Castlevania which works great. Despite it’s flaws, I found myself really engaged in the gameplay and actually hard a hard time putting it down. I’m very hopefully that the audio lag problem will get sorted out down the road because it’s really the only significant flaw left after the various patches Hiker Games has pushed out.

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found  is priced at $14.99 which I find to be a very fair price taking the content, replay value, and overall quality of the game into account.




Developed by: Hiker Games
Published by: Digital Smash
Xbox Marketplace
Steam Store


A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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