Perfect Woman Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the perfect woman?  Well, your opportunity is here to live out that experience (as long as that experience involves you contorting yourself in front of your Kinect in seemingly ritualistic positions).


Perfect Woman is a Kinect game that takes you through the various stages of a woman’s life.  Throughout the game, you make life decisions that alter how easy various paths are going forward.  Now, all that being said, I think it is very important to approach this game with a sense of humor.  The life-altering decisions you have the opportunity to make include being the leader of a child gang to being a 60 year-old call woman.


During each stage, you must mimic the outline on the screen as it moves around.  Stages range from “easy” to “extreme”.  Harder levels have more positions to shift to, and at a higher rate.  Easier levels have much simpler positions, often including only the upper body.


The Good

First and foremost, if approaching Perfect Woman with a sense of humor, it’s relatively funny because of just how absurd it is.  It is fun to see the connections the game makes in how certain decisions impact future choices you will make.  For instance, being good at being a “teen girl that everyone wants to have sex with” will make being a “belly dance teacher” easier later on.  The wide array of choices at each stage are amusing, as well.  At nine years-old, your options vary from being a princess to being a child worker.


The Bad

As with many Kinect games, it can be very frustrating getting the sensor to pick up the positions you are in correctly, and I think that the poses the game has you get into are more prone to creating this issue.  I actually had to change my clothing on two separate occasions when playing Perfect Woman because I would end up failing levels because my Kinect could not detect that I was in the correct position.


The replay value in Perfect Woman is relatively limited.  After playing through a few times, you have a general idea of what choices are going to influence future decisions, and the levels themselves become fairly repetitive.


The Achievements

Perfect Woman’s achievement list is one of the best things it has going for it.  The achievements range from beginning and completing your first life, to living out an entire life having made certain choices.  I particularly enjoyed playing through making the certain choices as it made me make decisions I would not have made otherwise.  As a side note, at the time of writing this review, two achievements are unobtainable.


Final Verdict

Personally, I found Perfect Woman to be a nice break from most games I play.  The key is to go into the game expecting it to be absurd.  The game would be immensely improved through higher replay value and an overall wider variety of choices, but it’s a fun game to play around with and just see what sort of results you can get.




Developed by:  Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
Published by: Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder
Xbox Marketplace


A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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