King Oddball Review

King Oddball, as its name states, is an odd game. Think Angry Birds, but instead of flinging a bird with a slingshot, you fling rocks with your tongue as I believe the man inside of the moon? It isn’t explained, but you are set on destroying the earth, and apparently lots of tanks and other army vehicles.


The Good

The game does offer a good amount of content. It has levels that are broken up into stages. They are set in squares, and you must complete the square before moving on to the next designated one. Along the way you encounter squares that unlock new game modes that adjust the gameplay, like completing a set of levels with one rock, or with grenades, or some other power up. This extends the gameplay, and lets the player have a variety of modes to play, especially once the main game is completed.

The gameplay is very simple, and as mentioned before, is similar to Angry Birds. This makes the levels move quickly, and they are usually easy to complete until later stages. The main things this game has going for it are the number of levels, and the simplicity of the game to pick up and play. The game does add bonus rocks to be thrown for achieving combos, or for hitting the King with the rock by bouncing it off of something. My favorite thing in the game is when you run out of rocks, the king gets a sad face.


The Bad

Unfortunately, because this game is so simple, each level looks similar to the last. There is no real defining factor between the levels that make levels stand out. They all have a similar background, and they all have various army vehicles you must destroy, with conveniently placed explosive boxes.

The music is the same track throughout, and does get irritating after a while. Even with the various challenge types, the game gets old quick. With more variety in the levels, at least changing the backgrounds and enemies more, it would have made the game more entertaining overall.


The Achievements

The achievements in the game are pretty standard fare, and most will be obtained by just playing through the levels. You will need to play through all of the alternate game types as well to complete the achievement list. There are only 16 achievements overall, but they completing all of the levels will take some time, and later levels will take multiple retries to complete.

Final Verdict

King Oddball is a decent game, especially for the price of $4.99. If you need to scratch your Angry Birds itch, or want a distraction from the first person shooters everyone plays, this might be something you would enjoy. Don’t go into the game expecting much from it, and you should be pleased with the amount of content.




Developed by: 10tons Ltd.
Published by: 10tons Ltd.
Xbox Marketplace
Steam Store



A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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