140 Review

140 is a challenging platformer that will require patience, careful timing and a little bit of luck to make it through.  You can only use the basic motions of jumping and moving left or right while you go through three levels (and once again in their mirrored forms) that will test your reaction time and resiliency.


The Good

140 is very challenging, and generally, this makes it enjoyable on the surface.  While it is only three levels long (plus mirror stages), each level has a variety of elements that you need to navigate.


Each level has a boss fight at the end, which I found to be the most enjoyable portion of the game since it broke up the levels nicely.  The boss fights were equally, if not more, challenging than the rest of the levels, although they are largely founded in pattern recognition.


The Bad

14o can grow to be very frustrating, very quickly.  There are portions of the game where your timing has to be so precise, it’s almost to a fault.  There are plenty of checkpoints throughout each of the levels, but if you exit the game, you have to start the level you are currently on over.  In my opinion, the levels in 140 are too long for this.


The Achievements

140 offers a decent achievement list.  While it only consists of 10 achievements, this seems like just the right amount for 140.  Most of the achievements are based around completing the various levels, but there are other ones thrown in, like defeating certain bosses without dying.  This provides an additional challenging element to 140 and makes the boss levels feel even more strenuous than they already may be.


The Verdict

140 has a ton of potential, but it doesn’t live up to what I had hoped for.  The precision necessary in certain sections of the game can be enjoyably challenging at some points, and infuriating at others sections.  140 is enjoyable in short bursts, but make sure you sit down focused and with plenty of patience.




Developed by: Abstraction Games
Published by: Double Fine
Website: http://www.game140.com/
Xbox Marketplacehttps://www.microsoft.com/store/p/140/bzln1w2ml7mg
Steam Storehttp://store.steampowered.com/app/242820/



A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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