Nesbox Emulator on Xbox One

About a week ago today, Nesbox passed Microsoft certification and was on it’s way to be released on the Windows Store along with the Xbox One Marketplace. For those of you that aren’t familiar with video game emulators, they are basically programs that emulate gaming systems such as the NES, Sega, or Atari consoles. For the most part, these aren’t new or innovative and have been around for many years.

What sets Nesbox apart from the rest is two-fold. It not only supports NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and GameBoy Color/Advanced games but it also allows you to create games (with some limitations of course). Nesbox took it a step further by attempting to reach the seemingly untouchable console gamer user base. Unsurprisingly, this didn’t go as planned. The following day after it’s certification announcement, Nesbox again Tweeted that it the certification had been revoked and that it was no longer approved for Xbox support.

Although a massively disappointing and discouraging announcement, this did not stop Nesbox from dusting itself off. You would have thought this was the end of the road, considering there really isn’t any other options other than removing Xbox support and resubmitting certification. Two days later, Nesbox makes a completely unexpected announcement that it has completed a HTML5 build of the emulator that is compatible with the Edge browser on Xbox One with OneDrive support to be added soon.

An ingenious workaround after what had seemed to be a hope lost situation after having certification revoked. The gaming and Twitter community erupted in positivity after realizing the miraculous innovation that Nesbox had produced. The support and popularity was almost overwhelming.

After a week long roller coaster, Nesbox finally made headway in what has to be one of the most unexpected outcomes for such a controversial app being used on a console of conflicting interest. What’s next for Nesbox? New features, continual bug fixes, and the beginning of unexpected new platform for apps which were once thought to be unavailable on consoles like the Xbox One.

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