Unnamed Fiasco Review

Unnamed Fiasco, published by Unnamed Fiasco Team, is an arcade style multiplayer deathmatch game. This game requires at least 2 controllers to play most of the game, but does have a single player portion. The game sets you up against up to 3 other players, with various game types. It also includes clones, which are reenactments of your previous life when you die.


The Good

If you have 3 friends or family members to play against, this game has a lot of good things going for it. With the addition of up to 5 clones, and 4 human players, there could be 9 players on screen at once causing all kinds of mayhem. The game also has an option to change things up every minute, with all kinds of crazy powerups, like rocket packs, upside down mode, and a variety of other options that keep you on your toes. It also has a variety of lively characters, including a granny with a mustache! The game’s graphics and gameplay all seem very fitting for the game, and it works well. The game also features a set of tough single player challenges, but they only seem to be for the most experience players.


The Bad

The one major drawback to this game, and others like it, is that it is only geared toward those with multiple controllers, and multiple people available to play, as there is no online play. I like that they have couch coop, but an online option would broaden the games audience, and allow it to be enjoyed by many others. My other gripe with this game is that the single player challenges are overly difficult, and they turned me off of playing them after several tries.

The Achievements

The achievements in this game are all very easy to obtain (except one), and most will be obtained through normal gameplay if you are playing with others. The achievements are also easily obtainable by yourself with 4 controllers if you don’t have people available, but have the controllers. For the completionists, unless you want to go through a few controllers out of breaking them due to frustration, I would steer clear. If you are an achievement addict ok with knowing you can get all but one achievement, then this is a good game to pick up.


Final Verdict

With 4 controllers, and a few friends, this would make a great party game, especially when you set it up with clones and final minutes. If you are a gamer who lives alone, this game is not for you. I’d like to see what else this developer can come up with on future games, and maybe they could add in online multiplayer in the future. I recommend this game to achievement addicts who know they may not get that final achievement, and to gamers who don’t look at achievements, and just want to have a good time with friends.


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A copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review

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