Steredenn Review

Steredenn is a straightforward shoot-em up game where you go through outerspace blasting away at an assortment of enemy ships, turrets, asteroids and bosses.  It offers a variety of weapons and power-ups throughout the game that will help you to improve.  Quick reaction times are a must as you embark on your journey through space.


The Good

What I like most about Steredenn is that every time you start the game, it isn’t the same level.  By playing different levels each time you start and progress throughout the game, it forces you to stay on your toes.  Also, the game feels more fresh and has more replay value when other games in the same vein get old quickly.


Steredenn also has a huge arsenal of weapons available through the game from defeating carrier ships.  You can carry up to two weapons and switch between them.  The various weapons are all unique in their own ways.  In addition to projectile weaponry, there are also melee or close-combat type weapons available.


Also, every time you beat a boss, you get to choose a bonus that helps with things like scoring, attack power and extra health.  I’ve noticed that I enjoy trying out different bonuses to see what helps me the most on subsequent levels along with discovering what weapons I like most.


The Bad

My main issue is that there is no checkpoint system throughout the game.  Yes, this adds another element of difficulty to the game, but it can get very frustrating very quickly.  Also, the weapon drops are random, and while I like the variety of weapons, a lot of them are borderline useless.


The Achievements

I really like the achievements in Steredenn.  The achievements vary from destroying set numbers of enemies and various bosses to using all the weapons.  There is also an achievement for beating the entire game with just the blaster (your starting weapon) which, by far, appears to be the most difficult achievement.  The achievement list has a wide variety of requirements and difficulty, which is the best type of game to me.


Final Verdict

Steredenn is a fun game, but the difficulty and lack of checkpoints make it so (depending on your skill and luck) you may be repeatedly playing the first few levels of the game.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the levels are random.  The game has a fun list of achievements to work through, and can be a great time killer if you’re looking for a shoot-em-up to spend some time on.


A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for review

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