Alto’s Adventure Review

Alto’s Adventure is a port of a popular mobile game by Snowman. It’s all about Alto and a group of snowboarding friends shredding and rescuing llamas. The goal is to go as far as possible, whilst saving as many llamas as possible and performing as many tricks as you can.


The controls are simple, press A on the gamepad to jump or click the screen, the longer you hold it, the longer you’ll flip. As you play you’re given sets of challenges; complete these to level up. They’re not too difficult, a little frustrating at times, but it’s a nice feeling when you finally pull off that quadruple back-flip that’s been eluding you.


The only bad part is that the levels need to be fully finished before closing or you’ll have to redo any challenges you already did. Every ten levels you unlock a new character, each handles a bit differently which helps change up the gameplay a little. The first two are fairly quick, and can easily perform jumps whereas Pas is slow, and needs a lot of room to flip.

There’s not much bad about it, other than the grindy achievements and a handful of one-off bugs the game works well. The achievements are a little frustrating, there’s your run of the mill progression stuff, a few grinds, one million miles, and 100,000 llamas, on release they were glitched, and didn’t function. The devs patched that very quickly, so props to them. However, a decade on the slopes is estimated to take about 500 hours all told, so completionists may want to give this a pass.

All in all, it’s a fun, addictive little game which is clearly meant to be played in small doses on the go, it functions fairly well and has a pretty aesthetic.

Alto’s Adventure is free on Windows 10


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