Ninja Pizza Girl Review

Ninja Pizza Girl is a runner-style platformer where you get to do what you’ve been dreaming about for your whole life – delivering pizzas!  You play Gemma, the daughter of a small pizza shop owner in the city.  Throughout the story, you go running through the city delivering pizzas to a variety of customers who have personal struggles that give you a purpose larger than just providing delicious pizza.


The Good

There are a lot of pluses to Ninja Pizza Girl.  First of all, I really loved the style of the overall animation and cut-scenes.  One nice touch was the inspirational (or sometimes funny) quotes on the loading screens right before levels started.


Ninja Pizza Girl has a great story and message that you uncover when you go through the levels and help more customers.  The story intertwines really well with the gameplay and keeps you engaged throughout.


The Bad

The game itself is fairly repetitive/monotonous.  If it weren’t for the engaging story, the game would not be very enjoyable.  For me, this results in the game having very low replay value outside of the first playthrough and going back for achievements.


The Achievements

Ninja Pizza Girl has a decent achievement list.  Many of the achievements are story-related, while a few are collectibles.  Others are tied to things such as completing the levels in certain amounts of time or using some of the add-ons you can unlock.  I like this achievement list a lot because it really gets you to play the game in ways you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Final Verdict

This is a great game for one playthrough and for the achievements, but beyond that, this game has reached its limits.  I cannot stress enough how wonderful and enjoyable the story itself was, and the style of the games artwork is fantastic in my opinion.  This game is wonderful for when you have a bit of down time to kill.


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