Beyond Eyes Review

Beyond Eyes takes you on a short adventure with Rae, a girl who lost her eyesight in an accident and has resigned to a lonely existence alone in her garden until she finds an unlikely friend in Nani, a cat who wanders into her life.  Rae’s adventure out of her garden begins when she leaves to go find Nani, who has not visited since winter ended.  You will guide Rae through a world she cannot see by utilizing the senses she still has available, primarily touch and hearing.


The Good

The strongest point of Beyond Eyes is its storytelling.  I found the story to be engaging throughout.  The storytelling was made more powerful by how you had to experience Rae’s blindness.  Beyond Eyes did the best it could in simulating what it would be like to blind and in search of something in a world completely unknown to you.  Through the game, you will discover some objects in the world are not initially what you believed them to be – for instance, what you originally thought was a fountain is actually a sewer.  I found discovering the world through a new perspective to be enjoyable and intriguing.

The Bad

This is a relatively short game, but I actually think it bordered on being too long.  The story is wonderful and emotional, but some sections seem to be dragged out or extended just to keep the game going.

The Achievements

Beyond Eyes is a game that can easily be completed in about 3 hours, but I do highly recommend playing through the game without any type of guide your first time so you can thoroughly experience the story.

Final Verdict

Overall, I found this to be a very good game.  The focus of the game is its story, which was compelling, emotional and very well done.  It was an enjoyable few hours playing through this game and going on an adventure with Rae as she discovered the world outside her garden.

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