Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride Review

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride, is a continuation of Artifex Mundi’s hidden object series of games they have been releasing on Xbox One. Forsaken Bride is the first in the Grim Legends line of games, and includes an alternate to the normal hidden object puzzles, with a domino type game that can be played instead.


The Good

If you are thinking of playing this game, you should already know what you are getting. If not…This is a point and click adventure game with hidden object puzzles thrown in at various parts. If you are reading this review thinking it is an action game, you will be sorely disappointed. While this game does have some action, it is told in a story format that you only watch, and are rarely involved in, other than picking up the pieces later. What this game does, it does well, as other games in the series have done. In Forsaken Bride, you play as a girl going to the wedding of her sister, but things turn for the worst as a giant bear shows up and breaks up the party, and kidnaps your character’s sister. You must journey across the land and solve the mystery of the bear kidnapping your sister, and along the way, you must solve various puzzles by combining items, and occasionally find items in a hidden object mini-game. The gameplay is smooth, and the art has that Artifex Mundi style, which is a nice change from some of the explosions and guns from most action adventure games these days.


The Bad

The voice acting in this game is the low point, and the character dialogue is cheesier than most games. The story is rather predictable, and some of the puzzles are cumbersome and repetitive, but overall it works in the package it is in. There is also a bonus story mission unlocked after completing the game, but it seems something added just to add something, and doesn’t add much value to the game. The only other thing about this game that I didn’t care for was that it takes 2 playthroughs to complete. This seems like fabricated value to the game, when all of their previous games could be completed in one playthrough.


The Achievements

Most achievements in the game can be obtained in the first playthrough, just by playing the story, but unlike other Artifex Mundi games, you will be required to play through the game twice, because there are achievements tied to doing all of the hidden object puzzles, as well as all of the Dominoes games. I recommend getting the hidden object achievements first, then go back through with the Dominoes. Also, if you find all hidden objects but one, then switch to Dominoes, it makes the Domino game very easy. I would also recommend playing through the game with a guide, to make sure a 3rd playthrough isn’t required.


Final Verdict

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is a good adventure game, and I hope they continue to release games on Xbox, as they are rather quick, and a nice break from the plethora or first person shooters out on the market. While the game does have some issues, and you will laugh at the dialogue, it is still worth of a purchase. At only $9.99, the price is right for the amount of time it takes to complete. I am looking forward to future Artifex Mundi games, as well as the second and third game in this series, which are already available on Steam to come to Xbox.


A copy of this game was provided by the publisher for this review

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