Anarcute Review

Anarcute is an adorably cute riot game with catchy art direction and unique crowd-beat’em all gameplay!

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-07-12 21-03-05

Cute animals, explosions, and rioting. It’s like Pokémon, Lemmings, and Katamari Damacy decided to make a game. Anarcute has a pretty simple, but fun concept. You control cute animals and form riots while picking up various weapons from the landscape all while keeping the evil Brainwash Patrol at bay.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-07-12 22-11-17.png

As you grow in size, your riot will gain new abilities that further the wanton destruction. As you complete levels, you are awarded coins that can be redeemed in the “Dispenser” which is basically just a store to buy perks for your riot.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-07-13 20-32-25.png

When I started the game, it instantly put a smile on my face with the adorable animals with giant Anime eyes and super catchy soundtrack. You start off in Tokyo, which is one of the four playable cities that you need to save. Don’t let the first few levels fool you as these are pretty easy tutorial stages that are meant to just get you familiar with the concept and controls. The difficulty is definitely balanced, but can prove to be frustrating at times. The scoring system is pretty simple, you are graded on three different metrics. Time, crowd size, and cops down.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-07-12 21-45-02.png

I was most excited about unlocking new animals and abilities. Those animals are just so darn cute! I struggled the most with the bosses which really start to require persistent strategy once you get to the second city.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-07-13 19-53-58.png

The Xbox achievements are pretty simple but will require some patience if you plan on completing all of them. Master rioter is the one that is going to cause the most heartburn as it’s for finishing all of the levels with an S rating. Obtaining an S rating isn’t an easy task as it consists of meeting an unknown par score for each of the three metrics on each level. Basically you will need to keep trying to perfect the level to figure out what you need for a low time, high crowd size, and high cops down score.

Anarcute has some really good things going for it. It has a awesomely catchy soundtrack, cute graphics, challenging but fun gameplay, and high replay value. If your looking for a game that will keep you smiling while providing you with a good fun challenge, then you should give Anarcute a purchase.


Anarcute is out now on Xbox One and Steam for $14.99

 A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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