Super Night Riders Review

Super Night Riders is a racing game that reminds me of the bike racing games of the past. You aren’t racing against other people though, only against the clock.

The Good

The game has 6 courses and 6 stages. Each course is made up of six laps across all of the 6 stages, but you start and end in a different stage. The course designs are basic, but they move quick, and the game makes you feel like you are moving fast. Once you learn the pattern of the enemy bikes, you can fly through each course with no issue for the most part. The game also includes a set of catchy chip tunes that didn’t get annoying and felt in place for the style of the game.


The Bad

Once you learn the pattern of the enemy bikes, you can fly through each course with no issue for the most part. There is only one pattern the enemies take on every single course. Two to the left, one in the middle, and two to the right. It never changes. This makes the game extremely easy, and if you don’t hit the other bikers, you will complete each race with no issue. This is not a huge complaint, but the game would have been more challenging had the enemy pattern at least changed on each stage. One other nit picking complaint is that when the time is up, you instantly stop. You could be on the line, but not across it, and you will fail. This makes the game still challenging in later courses since the time limit is very tight.


The Achievements

Even though the times get harder as you progress, once you learn the track you will be able to pass each one, with only a few tries each. The main one that may give people the most trouble is the 1 through 6 course, since it takes around 30 minutes to complete, and you can’t mess up. The achievements are still very easy, as you get an achievement for completing each course and stage, and there are a few other achievements that you will obtain without even trying. There is also a hidden achievement for listening to all music tracks while racing. Super Night Riders will take around 2-3 hours at most to complete for a seasoned gamer, and maybe a little longer for the more casual gamer.


Final Verdict

Super Night Riders is a fun game with no story that does a good job at knowing what it is, and focuses on being fun. It is an overall quick game, without much replay value, but one that you will enjoy while playing. At $9.99, the cost of admission is on par with other indie games, and although short, it will be worth the money. The catchy chip tunes and tight controls may keep you coming back for more. If you still aren’t sure, then wait for a sale.


Super Night Riders is out now on PC (Steam) and Xbox One for $9.99

Steam Store

Xbox Marketplace

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