Mimic Arena Review

Mimic Arena is a frenetic team based shooter that doesn’t require a couch, but does require you to have multiple controllers and some friends in order to play it at its full potential.


The Good

Mimic Arena is actually quite fun when played with 4 people, with gameplay similar to Towerfall, you try to shoot the enemy team, score the most points, and win. The twist with Mimic Arena is that when you die, a mimic appears that copies exactly what you did before you died. It starts where you spawned and follows your exact path, and shoots when you shot in your previous life. That means with 4 people playing, there is the potential for 8 characters on the screen at once causing all kinds of mayhem.


The main game types in the game are infiltration, where you score points when your mimic makes it to the scoring zone, and deathmatch, where the goal is to kill anything not on your team. Both modes are fun and you can change various options to pick the weapons you want in the game, score limit, game speed, etc.


The Bad

The main bad thing about this game is that there is no online multiplayer, or even an option to play against AI bots. This means the game requires at least 2 controllers to even start, and a friend to be playable. 4 controllers and 3 friends are required if you want the game to be the most fun.


The Achievements

The achievements in this game are easy, for someone that just wants to finish the game quickly. They can all be obtained through normal gameplay, and main account gets credit for any action taken by any of the 4 players. You could obtain all of the achievements within 2-3 hours, with only one achievement that is a little grindy (killing 200 mimics in infiltration). Again, if you play this game with friends, the achievements will pop naturally.


Final Verdict

As a party game, this is a blast, but to a normal gamer who doesn’t have friends over, the game isn’t playable. It is unfortunate, because this game has the potential to be great online fun. If the developers would patch in online multiplayer, or at the least AI bots to fight against, the game could be a sleeper hit. For the achievement addict with an extra controller, this is a quick and easy 1000gs. This game is Recommended IF, and only IF you have two controllers, and especially if you have 4 controllers and 4 friends to play against.


Mimic Arena is out now on PC (Steam) and Xbox One for $7.99

Steam Store

Xbox Marketplace

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