Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing Review

Remember those fun Micro Machines games with a top down view that gave a sense of speed and were fun? Yeah, well, Grand Prix Rock N Racing is nothing like those at all.

The Good

The Bad

Grand Prix Rock N Racing is a simple concept, but definitely not easy. You race around various tracks that are supposedly in different countries to win the championship, but this is just the same track environment with a new flag on the pole at the starting line. Want to feel the need for speed? Well, you won’t get it here. I found myself trying to nudge my car forward on every race, because it feels like you are moving at a snail’s pace. And once you get up to speed you have to immediately slam on the brakes or you will not make it around the next corner.


The AI cars easily pass you, and one touch on a wall or another car, and you can kiss any chance at first place goodbye. There is a boost, but initially it is useless. You can be at full boost and an AI player will pass you like you are sitting still.


There is an upgrade option, which you obtain as you progress, but you are basically forced to lose all of the earlier races until you build up enough of the speed options. This is fine, but it seems like they are trying to force you to play the game longer than you should.


One more thing…this game is called Rock N Racing, but there is no rock music to be heard. The game could have been a little more tolerable with a couple of licensed tracks, or even a guitar riff or 2.

The Achievements

The achievements in the game are fairly basic. They require you to get first place at all tracks, beat a par time on each track, and play a multiplayer race. That is pretty much it. I would like to have seen a little more variety…but the good thing is that you will find out how bad the game is before you pop your first achievement, so you don’t have to regret starting it!


Final Verdict

If you are a die hard racing fan, this might be an OK game for you, but there are plenty of better racing games out there. You will not get the rush that other racing games provide, and you might even fall asleep while playing. For everyone else, avoid if you can. If you are addicted to buying games, at least wait for a sale.


Grand Prix Rock ‘N Racing is out now on Xbox One for $7.99


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