Cubikolor Review

Cubikolor is 3D puzzle game where you match the colors of the sides and the platform to complete each level. It is a co-production between independent studios Fractal Box and Moving Player


The Good

Cubikolor takes a colorful, minimalistic approach to a familiar puzzle matching theme. The idea of the game is pretty straightforward. You are a cube that has colors on each of it’s sides. You need to move the cube along the floor of the level and try to match the color on the cube with the color on the ground. When you match the colors, it will either activate something in the level (such as a platform), which will allow you to advance to the next part.

The controls are somewhat easy to remember as you are mostly using your joystick to guide the cube in one direction or the other. Holding ‘X’ will restart the level from the beginning, the left and right trigger and bumpers are for zooming, the ‘Y’ button is for hints, and ‘B’ is used for the very helpful rewind function. I found the joystick responses to sometimes be finicky when moving the camera around, which caused accidental moves. The level layouts have a very clean look and feel to them which pairs very nicely with the ambient soundtrack as you make your way through “The System”.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-05-30 20-29-01

Based on a predetermined par score, you are given a silver or gold medal if you fall within the earning criteria (you are scored on your time, total moves, and go-backs).  The level menu is set up as letters ranging from “A” – “O” and within each letter, there are 10 levels for a total of 150 levels  and two game modes for a grand total of 300 levels to master. Each letter opens a new set of increasingly difficult levels and sometimes awkwardly cute comments from the peanut gallery.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-05-30 22-11-01

Once you reach letter “D” the puzzles will start to pick up pace and start to challenge your memorization skills along with your patience. At this point in the game you will not only need to get the cube to rotate on to a specific color, but you you will need to start planning a few moves in advance in order to continue on. I honestly don’t know if I would have continued on with playing if the go-back and hint features didn’t exist. Even with these features, Cubikolor can prove to be a massively challenging game that will test the patience of even the coolest of cucumbers.

Cubikolor (Xbox One) Screenshot 2016-05-31 19-26-44.png

Once you complete all 50 levels in a letter set (A-E, F-J, and K-O) you will be able to replay the levels in that set with the newly unlocked “Hardkore Mode”. In this mode, there are added time and move limits (sometimes both!). If this mode doesn’t push you over the edge of frustration, then you must have the patience of a saint.


The Bad

No visual controller layout

No option to skip a level and return later


The Achievements

There is a total of 21 achievements and are a well balanced mix of earning specified amounts of each medal type, completing levels with constraints (time and move constraints), time reduction goals, and a few others for completing all of the levels. There is also a few cute surprise achievements that the developers added as a bit of fun.

If you are planning on completing all of the achievements in Cubikolor, you will be in for quite a task as Hardkore Mode is no joke and will make this achievement an amazing feat.

Win 150 red medals (complete 150 levels in Hardkore mode)


The Final Verdict

If I had to describe Cubikolor to someone, I would tell them that it’s basically a Rubik’s Cube on a gameboard. The concept works really well and even though there was a couple of minor things I would like to see added, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the game itself. The difficulty can, at times, be a bit daunting which is why I think a “skip for now” feature would give a break to the less puzzle inclined folks like myself.

I managed to get through 42 levels before I got stuck and stepped away to write this review.



Cubikolor is out now on Xbox One and Steam

Xbox Marketplace $7.99

Steam Store $7.99


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