Coffin Dodgers Review

Coffin Dodgers is a racing game similar to Mario Kart in play style. The setup for the game is that the grim reaper goes to a retirement community looking for some old people to kill. The goal of the game is to finish high enough in each race to not be the one that meets death.

The Good

This is a very basic game, and unfortunately there is not a lot of good things to say about it. The main thing that is good about this game is that it is over quickly. You can finish the campaign in the game in an hour, but you will need to go through the set of races several times. Other than the game being easy and quick, the game doesn’t have much going for it.

The Bad

The controls on the game are not good. You are driving a motorized kart at high speeds, but anything you touch besides cones or trashcans scattered on the course will stop you…dead…in your tracks. You are provided with power-ups, but any time you are hit or wipe out, your power-ups are gone. The music is also loud an annoying. On the later levels of each stage, there are zombies on the track for some reason, but the game doesn’t really say why, and they feel out of place. The list for bad things in this game goes on and on. With more polish and better controls, this game could have been an OK budget title, but that of course would require a lower price point.

The Achievements

The highlight of the game, the easy achievements! All achievements can be earned in three to four hours tops. Basically go through the game once, trying to place as high as you can in each race, but don’t worry too much about placing first every time. Upgrade your kart when you can with the various speed and engine upgrades, but don’t waste your coins on the paint and other cosmetic changes. Use the powerups when you can, but the main goal is just to get through it. Don’t place too low in a race, or you will have to start that set of races over again. Finish the game once, and you unlock death himself, the grim reaper.

If you play through the campaign again as the grim reaper, you play with your upgraded kart, so the game becomes a breeze. Get first place in each race to unlock an achievement for all golds in each set of races, and continue to use power-ups as needed. When I completed the game the second time through, I had almost all of the power-up achievements unlocked, and my kart was only a few items away from being fully upgraded. I played through the races a third time, until my kart was upgraded, and I had all of power-up achievements. The final achievement cleanup is just hitting a skater and paperboy a certain number of times if you haven’t unlocked it already, and playing a non-campaign objective game type once. After that, you are done and have an extra 1000 gamerscore!

Final Verdict

This is not that good of a game, but its major selling point is that it is extremely easy. It isn’t the worst game I’ve ever played, but I have played many better ones. Achievement Addicts like myself will enjoy this game for the sweet sweet popping sound of achievements. Unless you desperately need gamerscore, I would wait for a sale on this, because I don’t think it is worth the price of admission.



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