GunWorld 2 Review

The sequel no one asked for, to the game that nobody liked! GunWorld 2 is an action/platformer/RPG hybrid where the player must plant seeds, grow guns, and harvest some justice to protect GunWorld!


The Good

For those of you that are familiar with the original GunWorld, GunWorld 2 is a massive improvement. Saying that GunWorld 2 is an improvement is a lot considering the game is promoted by even it’s developer as an unasked for, disliked game. GunWorld 2 boasts a ridiculous plot and equally ridiculous characters.

You play as GunWorld’s greatest GunMan, Dwayne. He is the only hope for the planet which is in risk of it’s leader, President Eagle, being destroyed by The Extraction Faction. President Eagle is a wanted target simply for being too awesome and having a planet that is stronger than it’s own good.

Seriously, that’s the plot.

If you’ve played the original GunWorld, you will remember how frustrating the game was. Thankfully the, the difficultly and overall fairness of GunWorld 2 has been overhauled and is a much more enjoyable while still proving to be a good challenge. GunWorld 2 sticks to it’s roots with a very familiar gameplay style and weapon system, but also brings a new and refreshing RPG element that compliments the game very well. Fans of the classics like Zelda, Mega Man, and others from that era will feel right at home as the homage paid to these titles is very prominent thought the game.

GunWorld 2-2

Your main headquarters is the small town  on the Eastern part of the overworld. For every boss that you defeat and capture you are rewarded with a GunSeed, which in-turn, unlocks one of seven new guns for you to use. The new guns are all purchasable in-town at the innocent looking replica of a lemonade stand which is managed by our appropriately named friend ‘Gunther’. You can also purchase a few other handy items like ‘Respawn Eagle‘ which allows you to respawn on the spot. Eventually you will also unlock armor items which can be purchased from the blacksmith who is also in town. All of these items are purchased using gold coins by dropped enemies when they die.

Throughout your mission to destroy The Extraction Faction, you will make your way through a number of different enemies and levels. Most of them are relatively easy to beat, but they do prove to be a challenge as the game progress. I didn’t have to get very far to find a few little shits that made me want to violently assault my controller.


I’ve had a good time with story so far and I still have more to explore. Besides the Story Mode, there is also Old-School Mode and Level Rush. Old-School mode is exactly what it sounds like. A linear version of the game, with no RPG elements to it, which is what the original GunWorld is. You only get three lives, no saves or continues.  Level Rush is similar, except the campaign is randomly ordered and you only have one life. This is great mode to play if you want to see levels and weapons that are further into the game that you haven’t yet seen in Story Mode.

The Bad

  • Needs a game exit confirmation. I’ve accidentally exited the game several times not remembering which button was which and was in between checkpoints.
  • Audible menu confirmations would be nice.
  • Options menu?

The Achievements

For the most part, the achievement list is comprised of  story-line and game mode achievements and aren’t overly difficult. The full completion of the game will take a bit of patience, but is very much an obtainable task for the completionists out there.

Final Verdict

Other than a few graphical snags here and there and few UI improvements, I don’t really have any directly negative things to say about GunWorld 2. I mean, the game defines itself by the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously. It has a fun soundtrack and you get a good amount of play time with Story Mode. Old-School and Level Rush are great additions that add replay value and punish the hell out of you a great additional challenge. The cheesy story-line works and the game is overall pretty fun to play. GunWorld 2 launches on May 13th for Xbox One and will be priced at $7.99.



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