JumpJet Rex Review

JumpJet Rex is from TreeFortress Games, and published by Loot Interactive. It gets its basic gameplay from 8 and 16 bit platformers from years ago, but instead of just jumping, you are a dinosaur with jets for shoes.

Apparently millions of years ago dinosaurs invented space travel. The story starts with Rex being told an Asteroid is heading toward earth, and him being a ‘Dinonaut’, he must travel into space to stop it.

The Good

The adventure mode in the game contains 40+ levels, with each one taking around a minute or less to complete. Some levels take longer, but each level has three objectives: Finish the level, don’t die, and beat the level under part time. You can usually cruise through the level the first time through, to get to know the layout, then try again to not die, or complete it in under par time. Some experts may be able to do all three in one go, but once you obtain a star for something, you don’t have to get it again.

You traverse each level using a series of moves, and each move helps you complete the level in a speedy way. The basic move, the jump, propels you up using the jets on your shoes, this can be repeatedly pressed to get you where you need to go by pressing A. You can also press X to launch forward, which helps you navigate tight spaces, and quickly go through rings. Finally, you can hold Y, which will send you up as long as you are hold it. The combination of these moves, and the mastery of them is required to complete the levels and obtain the stars.

You can go through the game by yourself, or with the help of a couch co-op partner. The best thing about co-op is that you don’t die unless both of you get hit. When one player gets hit, a 5 second timer starts. As long as the other player doesn’t get hit during that 5 seconds, both players return to normal. While in the 5 second cooldown, the hit player cannot go through the rings required to complete the level.

After each set of 10 or so levels, there is a boss level. Just like any old school game, you need to learn the patterns, and what you need to do to beat the boss, then they are relatively easy to beat. Most of the bosses can be completed quickly, and they repeat the same two or three moves until their health bar is depleted. If you obtain all 3 stars on the boss levels, something special is unlocked.

Along with the adventure mode, JumpJet Rex also includes a RageQuit mode, which only gives you 3 lives, and no checkpoints, and a speedrun mode, which is a condensed version of the game. These modes would be recommended to play only once you have completed adventure mode with all stars, so you are familiar with the levels.

The Bad

I don’t have many complaints about this game, but it does have a big difficulty spike towards the end. You are also required to play through each level multiple times in order to unlock stars, because later levels are not unlocked unless you obtain a certain number of stars. The levels all start to bleed together toward the end of the game, as you are doing the same 3 objectives the entire game. At least the levels are short, but the variation in terrain is limited.

The Achievements

About half of the achievements in the game are either story related, or basic level objectives. This means the average player could unlock half of the achievements just bu completing the game on normal, and do some minor achievement cleanup on specific level objectives. The rest of the achievements are either tied to collectibles: obtaining all stars, coins, and hidden items, or are speedrun related. Most of the achievements seem doable with some practice, but all but the most dedicated players will most likely attempt them.

Final Verdict

JumpJet Rex is a fun game, but has no real story, but it doesn’t really need one. You are a dinosaur in space trying to stop an asteroid…what more story can you expect? Couch co-op is nice to have, as most games these days leave it out. If you love platformers, you will enjoy this game, and if not, you may still like it anyway. I had fun going through the levels, but not sure I will ever be able to complete all of the achievements. At $9.99, this seems like a good deal, especially for those that like old school style games.



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Loot Interactive

Reviewed  by Will from Achievement Addicts

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