Aliens vs Pinball – Pinball FX2

The three tables included in this DLC include: an Aliens table, an Aliens vs Predator table, and an Alien Isolation table. Check out the table preview below as a companion to the written review.

The Good

The three new tables presented here are the same high quality that Zen has been making for years. They use original audio from the movies and game to bring you into each table, and it works great. Hearing the characters scream with dialogue from the movies and game makes you want to keep putting in more quarters start a new game each time you run out of balls.

Each table has multiple missions to complete, and hidden areas that make standard tables inferior. I would love to see a real life table this complex.

The Bad

My only complaint, and this has been the case since the game was ported to the One, is that there is only one achievement per table, and each of the achievements are not something a beginner could do. I hope that for future tables they go back to 3 achievements per table, with varying degrees of difficulty.

The Achievements

With only one achievement per table, it may take players some time to unlock all three, as they require complex tasks, and require you to know your ramps and table locations.

In the Aliens table, you must play on mission 3, Ulterior Motives, and defeat both Facehuggers. Luckily, you can enable mission select for the table, so as soon as you hit the mission marker you can select mission 3. Unfortunately, you only get one shot at it, and if you lose a ball, you will need to start the game over in order to select mission 3 again.

The AvP table requires you to rank up. I wasn’t able to unlock it during my playthroughs for my review, but it is probably the easiest of the 3. The final achievement is for performing 20 stealth takedowns on the Alien Isolation table, and I’m not sure what is required for this.

I played each table for around an hour a piece, but wasn’t able to unlock any achievements. With some practice, and maybe a guide, I can probably unlock them at a later point

Final Verdict

Other than the achievement complaint, these are solid tables for anyone that enjoys pinball, and especially for fans of the Alien franchise. I recommend this DLC and at $9.99, it is standard pricing for similar table packs. I look forward to the next high quality DLC from Zen Studios.




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